September 17 at 6 pm - Benjamin Miller

w/ Colette Inez and Barbara Truncellito

hosted by Alissa Heyman

Perfect Sense Reading Series

Cornelia Street Cafe

29 Cornelia Street


$8 admission fee, one free drink


September 20 at 6 pm - Louise Mathias

w/ Ben Mirov, Sean Labrador Y Manzano and tug gut: a solo show by Alyssa Lempesis

Aggregate Space Gallery

801 W. Grand Avenue

Oakland, CA


September 23 - Rigoberto Gonzalez

Elms College

Chicopee, MA


September 30 at 7 pm - Cynthia Cruz, Benjamin Miller, and Gregory Pardlo

Verdi Square Festival of the Arts Poetry Reading

First Republic Bank

2160 Broadway at 76th Street



October 3-5 - Cynthia Cruz and Deborah Bernhardt

Brattleboro Literary Festival


October 8 at 6 pm - David Dodd Lee

Free public reception, Gallery Talk, and Poetry Reading 

Overbrook Theater

Muskegon, MI


October 15 at 6 pm - Four Way Books & Friends Fall 2014 Launch Reading

w/ Cynthia Cruz, Patrick Lawler, David Dodd Lee, Howard Levy, Gregory Pardlo, and Cammy Thomas

NYU Main Bookstore

726 Broadway at Waverly



October 16 at 7 pm - Four Way Books Fall 2014 Launch Reading

w/ Cynthia Cruz, David Dodd Lee, Gregory Pardlo, and Cammy Thomas

Berl’s Poetry Shop

126A Front Street (next to Superfine)

Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY


October 17 - Rigoberto Gonzalez

Academy of American Poets Forum



October 23-26 - C. Dale Young

15th Biennial Dodge Poetry Festival

New Jersey Performing Arts Center & Newark’s Downtown Arts District


October 27 at 8 pm - Cammy Thomas

w/ Mary Pinard

Blacksmith House Poetry Series

42 Brattle Street

Cambridge, MA


October 27-29 - Rigoberto Gonzalez

Westminster College

Salt Lake City, UT


October 28 at 7 pm - Cynthia Cruz

w/ Jericho Brown



October 30 at 7 pm - David Dodd Lee

Portage District Library

300 Library Lane

Portage, MI


November 6 at 7 pm - Cammy Thomas

Concord Bookshop

65 Main Street

Concord, MA


November 6 - Rigoberto Gonzalez

Poetry Society of America Panel



November 14 - Gregory Pardlo

Syracuse, NY


November 18 - Rigoberto Gonzalez

Georgetown University

Washington, DC


December 12 - Cynthia Cruz, Louise Mathias, and Allison Benis White

Beyond Baroque



December 14 at 7 pm - Cynthia Cruz

Rhapsodomancy Reading Series

Good Luck Bar

1514 Hillhurst Avenue



January 11 at 3 pm - Cammy Thomas

Calliope Poetry Series 

West Falmouth Library

575 West Falmouth Highway

West Falmouth, MA


January 18 - Cammy Thomas

Munroe Saturday Nights series 

Lexington, MA


February 5 - Rigoberto Gonzalez

Gloria Anzaldua Memorial Reading

UC-Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA


February 17-22 - Rigoberto Gonzalez

Desert Night, Rising Stars at Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ


February 25 at 7 pm - Cammy Thomas

Porter Square Books

25 White Street

Cambridge, MA


March 15 - Rigoberto Gonzalez


Storrs, CT


March 19 at 7:30 pm - Cammy Thomas

w/ Bill Mayer

Moe’s Books

2476 Telegraph Avenue

Berkeley, CA


March 19-22 - Rigoberto Gonzalez

American Lit Festival

Oxford, England


March 25 - Rigoberto Gonzalez

American University

Washington, DC


April 8-11 - Rigoberto Gonzalez


Minneapolis, MN


May 23 - June 1 - Rigoberto Gonzalez

Literature Festival